Team Details

Sanjay Shesh

Director Business

He is a passionate coach and facilitator. Started his Journey as a coach in 2015 and now he has reached a stage where he has been PCC for over 3 years and he is running a very Powerful coach training program called Neptune Excellence Coach training program approved by ICF(International Coaching Federation). Through this program, he has already trained over 100 coaches and Introduced enhanced improvement in the Leadership of very senior professionals by integrating Coaching into their leadership style.

He has acquired and proven his leadership skills during his professional journey in the marine business. Starting his career in 1981 as a marine engineer, He evolved into a successful technical director, and later managing director, in the marine business. While sailing on various types and sizes of ships, He solved many technical, operational, and administrative problems with his out-of-the-box thinking.

He has established three companies in India and two in Hong Kong, and was responsible for obtaining all the compliance, staffing, and staff induction, and successfully putting the companies in operation. Not only he has recruited over 15000 professionals, but he also went on to establish a training center and has trained a huge number of potential marine leaders on various leadership and self-management competencies. It is his passion for coaching that led him to professionally learn to coach and be recognized as a certified coach by the well-reputed and globally accepted ICF (International Coaching Federation).

To his credit, over 100 coaches have already benefited from his charismatic coaching experience and the journey is still on. His vision is to connect the individual's potential with the organization's vision and culture, and that has motivated him to go beyond marine business and support corporations to build capable leadership.

He is also deeply interested in theatre and has produced five festivals featuring over fifteen plays. He has creatively utilized his passion for theatre to innovate his coaching style and developed various team-building exercises.